About Us

KSI International, Inc. is a dynamic company with 100+ years of combined expertise in worldwide Sales, Distribution, Marketing and Exporting of “Life Changing Technologies” with an emphasis on products in the medical field, water technologies, computer software and the food industry. Our Total Client Relationship strategy encompasses every aspect of technology, sales, distribution, marketing and export management to spur dramatic growth and sales for the products and partners we represent worldwide.

What distinguishes KSI International, Inc. is our ability to get to market at lightning speed with laser focus while working diligently on behalf of our clients to create a true partnership. This is achieved by having key global relationships in place developed over decades. At the heart of KSI International, Inc.’s success is our uncompromising dedication to customer service. Providing the highest level of service is a way of life and the way we conduct business.

As Chief Executive Officer of KSI International, Inc., Darrel Burnett heads global operations for the corporation. Mr. Burnett has more than 30 years experience in executive management with an emphasis in the medical field and new technologies. Under Mr. Burnett’s guidance KSI International’s global reach extends to manufacturers and distributors in more than 150 countries allowing our clients direct access to the world.

Dr. Norbert Duttlinger serves as Executive Vice President for Medical Products for KSI International, Incorporated. Dr. Duttlinger maintains a leading clinical practice with Rockford Anesthesiologists Associated, LLC in Rockford, IL and is a member of the Board of Managers also serving as its Treasurer. Additionally, he is a Clinical Instructor with the University of Illinois College of Medicine. As Executive Vice President for Medical Products, Dr. Duttlinger draws on his 20 years experience in clinical anesthesia to serve patients on an international level.

Dr. Duttlinger was born in southern Germany while his family was stationed there with the U.S. army. Living in Europe allowed him to become fluent in German. Upon returning to the U.S., he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Gonzaga University with a B.A. in Biology. While at Gonzaga he rose to command the ROTC detachment his senior year graduating as a 2nd Lieutenant. The University of Washington followed where he received his M.D. Research work on the inhaled anesthetic Isoflurane led to a love of anesthesiology and ultimately an anesthesia residency at the University of Wisconsin. In 1991 Dr. Duttlinger went on active duty with the U.S. Army and was stationed in Nurnberg, Germany. Dr. Duttlinger served as the Chief of Anesthesia for the 212th MASH deployed to Croatia in support of the U.N. Forces involved in the Balkin conflict. After rising to the rank of Major, Dr. Duttlinger left the military and went into private practice.

Our Mission
KSI International is committed to nurturing Life Changing Technologies that leave a positive imprint on the world.