KSI International, Inc. specializes in predictive and preventive medical innovations on a global scale. We proudly partner with leading medical institutions and corporations with access to groundbreaking medical technologies. We remain focused on innovative, highly effective and responsible medical products and solutions that improve the health and lives of people around the world.

“Innovation is the key to future success in our society!”

KSI International, Inc. is pleased to work closely with and support Dr. Paul K. Carlton, Surgeon General of the United States Air Force (Ret.) and Director of the Office of Innovations and Preparedness at Texas A & M University (Ret.). As the Surgeon General of the United States Air Force, Dr. Carlton is an 11,000 case surgeon and has held executive leadership positions and committed medical resources worldwide on behalf of the USAF.  Dr. Carlton has been published extensively in medical literature and his vision for medical care in the combat zone led directly to the best survival in U.S. military history. Together we bring medical advancements and innovations to the U.S. military, patients and clients around the world.

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